How can I check the status of my order?

US store owners using the Velvet Ship app enjoy a convenient way to manage and track their orders. The “Orders” tab within the app serves as a central hub for monitoring the status of all orders. This functionality facilitates effective order management and tracking, ensuring a seamless experience. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

View All Orders: The “Orders” tab provides a comprehensive overview of all orders processed through the Velvet Ship app. This consolidated view allows you to keep track of the status of each order from initiation to fulfillment and shipment.

Tracking Numbers: One of the key features of the “Orders” tab is the ability to see when new tracking numbers are assigned to orders. This enables you to stay updated on the progress of each order’s delivery and ensure that customers receive timely and accurate tracking information.

Shopify Integration: In addition to the Velvet Ship app, you can also track your orders within the standard “Orders” tab on your Shopify dashboard. However, it’s important to note that this view will include orders from various sources and not exclusively those processed through the Velvet Ship app.

Consolidated Tracking: While the Shopify “Orders” tab provides a broader view of your orders, the dedicated “Orders” tab within the Velvet Ship app offers a more focused and streamlined tracking experience specifically for orders handled by the app.

The “Orders” tab in the Velvet Ship app is a powerful tool for US store owners, offering a dedicated space to track the status of orders and monitor the issuance of tracking numbers. While you can also use the standard Shopify “Orders” tab for tracking, the Velvet Ship app provides a specialized view tailored to the app’s orders, allowing for more effective management and enhanced customer service.