How does the app and ordering process work?

App Setup By Store Owner

  1. Store owner installs the app on their Shopify store
  2. Store owner provides their credit card information in the app
  3. Store owner imports products from catalog into their store

Order Processing

  1. When an order is placed, the customer is charged by the store owner for the full retail price of the products + shipping fees set by store owner
  2. At the same time, the store owner is automatically charged the wholesale price of the products (usually 50% of retail price) + $3.15 fulfillment fee + 10% platform fee + $6.19 shipping cost. 
  3. The order information is automatically sent to the fulfillment channel where it is packed and shipped directly to the customer within 1 business day with a shipping speed of 4-9 business days.
  4. Once fulfilled, the tracking number is automatically sent back to the order in the Shopify store, where the end customer and the store owner can track the shipment.