How does the payment process work?

Understanding how the VelvetShip app functions is crucial for a seamless and successful experience. Here’s an expanded explanation to clarify the various aspects of the app’s operation:

Payment Collection from End Customers:

As the store owner, you hold the reins when it comes to collecting funds from your customers, encompassing not just the product prices but also shipping fees. This gives you the freedom to leverage a plethora of payment providers and solutions offered within the Shopify platform. This diversity allows you to cater to your customers’ preferences, enhancing their shopping experience.

Card on File for Fulfillment:

The operational mechanism of the VelvetShip app involves the necessity of having a valid credit card on file. This card acts as the means through which fulfillment costs are covered for each individual order. The efficiency of this process ensures that as new orders are placed, you are promptly charged the wholesale price of the items along with the applicable shipping costs.

Synchronizing Money Movement:

In an ideal scenario, money flows in tandem with the fulfillment process. You receive funds from your customers while simultaneously using the credit card on file to cover the wholesale and shipping expenses. This synchronized movement of funds allows you to maintain a balanced financial flow, where incoming revenue offsets outgoing fulfillment costs.

Store Configuration Impact:

However, the speed at which you receive payments from your customers hinges on your store’s configuration. Depending on the payment methods you offer and the payment terms you set, the timing of fund collection can vary. It’s imperative to configure your store in a way that aligns with your business strategy and financial goals.

Ultimately, the VelvetShip app operates to streamline your order fulfillment process while affording you the autonomy to design your payment collection strategy. This symbiotic relationship between revenue generation and fulfillment expenses ensures efficient operations and a sustainable business model.

Should you encounter any questions or require further clarification about the app’s workings, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support. We’re committed to your success and are here to support you every step of the way.