Do you offer discounts/promos?

We find ourselves in a business dynamic that limits our ability to provide discounts or promotional pricing on orders. The constraints of our relationship with our fulfillment center prevent us from extending such offers. Despite this, our product pricing structure has been designed to empower you, the store owner, with flexibility to navigate the intricate … Read more

What are the payment methods accepted in processing an order?

Payment setup for store owners using the Velvet Ship app in relation to both their customers and the fulfillment process: Payment Setup for Customers: Store owners utilizing the Velvet Ship app have the flexibility to configure their preferred payment methods through the Shopify front end. This allows them to offer a variety of payment options … Read more

Are deliveries discreet and well packed?

When it comes to shipping through Velvet Ship, we prioritize discretion and the safe delivery of your items. We understand the importance of maintaining your privacy and providing a seamless shipping experience. Here’s how we ensure your packages are handled: Discreet Packaging: All packages shipped through Velvet Ship are carefully designed to be discreet. This … Read more

Is there a monthly fee to use the app?

We’re thrilled to offer you our app completely free of charge, without any burdensome monthly subscription fees. With us, you have the freedom to download and use the app without worrying about recurring costs. Our aim is to make your experience as smooth and efficient as possible while ensuring transparency in your financial interactions with … Read more

How can I see the complete product catalog?

For your convenience, we have generated a recent export of our comprehensive catalog, which you can access through the provided link: Catalog Export Link. This export is a comprehensive snapshot of our complete catalog, encompassing all the products and offerings currently available. By accessing this link, you’ll have direct access to a detailed compilation of … Read more

What are the Terms of Use?

When you engage with our app, it’s important to understand and accept the terms of use outlined below. These terms form the basis of our agreement and guide your interaction with our app and the products within it. Please read and acknowledge these terms: Age Verification: The product catalog within this app may include adult … Read more

Do we have any integration with WooCommerce?

At present, the feature you’re inquiring about is not available within our app’s current capabilities. However, we want to assure you that we have plans in motion to develop and introduce this functionality in the future. We’re committed to enhancing your experience and providing you with versatile solutions to cater to your needs. While we … Read more

How does the app and ordering process work?

App Setup By Store Owner Store owner installs the app on their Shopify store Store owner provides their credit card information in the app Store owner imports products from catalog into their store Order Processing When an order is placed, the customer is charged by the store owner for the full retail price of the … Read more

What are the fees on orders?

When an order is placed, store owners are charged for the products being purchased with the following fee breakdown: Wholesale cost of the product Fulfillment Fee – fixed at $3.15 Platform Fee – 10% of wholesale cost Shipping Fee – $6.19 flat rate shipping (dynamic starting in 2023, see above question for more details) Example … Read more

Can you ship internationally?

We regret to inform you that, at this time, we are unable to offer international shipping due to the substantial costs associated with global shipping logistics. It’s important to note that all our products are dispatched from the United States, which impacts the feasibility of worldwide shipping. Currently, our delivery services are restricted to the … Read more