What are the payment methods accepted in processing an order?

Payment setup for store owners using the Velvet Ship app in relation to both their customers and the fulfillment process:

Payment Setup for Customers: Store owners utilizing the Velvet Ship app have the flexibility to configure their preferred payment methods through the Shopify front end. This allows them to offer a variety of payment options to their customers, ensuring a seamless checkout experience. They can integrate and use any of the available payment channels that Shopify supports. This could include credit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, and other popular payment methods.

Payment Collection for Orders: When customers place orders through the store, the store owners collect payment using the configured payment methods. This empowers customers to complete their transactions conveniently while giving store owners the freedom to choose from a wide range of payment channels that best suit their customers’ preferences.

Fulfillment Cost Payment: On the backend of the site, a different payment process is in place for the fulfillment cost of the items. Store owners need to maintain a valid credit card on file at all times to cover the fulfillment expenses associated with new orders. When new orders are received, the fulfillment cost is charged to this credit card. This setup streamlines the fulfillment process, allowing for efficient order processing and ensuring that the necessary resources are available to fulfill orders promptly.

By having a valid credit card on file for the fulfillment costs, store owners can ensure the smooth execution of their order fulfillment process. This backend payment arrangement complements the customer-facing payment methods and helps maintain a balance between customer satisfaction and efficient order processing.

If store owners have any questions or concerns about their payment setup, the Velvet Ship app, or any aspect of their order processing, they can reach out to customer support for assistance. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and well-integrated solution that caters to both the store owners’ and customers’ needs.