What does “card declined” status mean?

The “Card Declined” status indicates that your order has been successfully received, but there was an issue when attempting to process the payment for the fulfillment cost using the card on file. Here’s what this status entails and how to rectify the situation:

Order Received: Your order was received and processed within our system. This means that the items you selected are ready to be fulfilled and shipped.

Payment Issue: Unfortunately, when we tried to charge the card on file for the fulfillment cost, we encountered a problem. The payment could not be successfully processed due to issues with the card’s information, insufficient funds, or other reasons.

Resolution Steps:

  1. Update Credit Card Information: To address this issue, please proceed to the “Settings” tab in your account. Here, you’ll have the option to enter updated credit card information. Make sure to provide accurate and valid card details to ensure successful payment processing in the future.

  2. Notify Us via Email: After updating your credit card information, please notify us via email. This allows us to be aware that the issue has been addressed and that the card information has been updated.

Reprocessing the Order: Once we receive your updated credit card information and notification via email, we’ll initiate the process of reprocessing the order. This involves charging the updated card for the fulfillment cost and subsequently proceeding with the shipment of the items to the customer.

Our primary goal is to provide a smooth shopping experience, and we understand that occasional issues like card declines can occur. We appreciate your prompt attention to resolving the payment issue and updating your credit card information. If you have any further questions or need assistance throughout this process, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to ensure that your order is fulfilled and delivered to you as smoothly as possible.